The Importers Checklist

Cleared and Delivered

Prior to Shipment

  • Fax request for current status.
  • Review shipping & payment terms.
  • Confirm that Customs Broker has been selected.
  • Does Broker have Purchaser’s Power of Attorney?
  • Does Purchaser have Customs Bond (Either Single or Continuous)?
  • Confirm that supplier will include any Assists in shipment value?
  • Confirm that country of origin product marking instructions are being followed.
  • Confirm that supplier will use purchaser supplied US Customs Harmonized Number in shipping description.
  • Specify to supplier transportation method and routing
  • Confirm consignee, notify party, port, & markings and that buyer will receive copy of shipping papers
  • Specify forwarder & broker if not included in P. O.
  • Confirm that supplier or forwarder has routing.
  • Confirm that transportation has been arranged.
  • Confirm that freight methods and rates used in original landed cost estimates are being used.
  • Confirm that some form of proof of origin will be sent to purchaser (No longer required for Customs Clearance, but may be needed for Customs’ Audit)
  • Is an inspection certificate or other certification required & if so, is it complete.
  • Confirm special packaging arrangements.
  • Confirm hazardous cargo compliance.
  • Consider strikes or any other significant International events that may cause delay.
  • Confirm that procedure for transportation insurance coverage is being followed.

After Shipment Leaves Supplier

  • Confirm that freight forwarder has freight and that booking was made per routing instructions.
  • Confirm shipment is on intended vessel/flight.
  • Determine if pre-clear through US Customs is possible.
  • Check Documents received to insure correct consignee, notify party, destination and markings.
  • Confirm forwarder has sent copies of documents to purchaser & broker
  • Confirm broker is aware of shipment, has all necessary documents, and has been given inland shipping instructions.
  • Prepare info for special clearances such as FDA if required.
  • Confirm arrival with broker.
  • Confirm Custom clearance with broker
  • Obtain pro number, trailer number, name & phone number of inland carrier.
  • Confirm inland delivery with inland carrier


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