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Ali Baba Buy/Import service

Cleared and Delivered-“Ali Baba Buy/Import” is an exclusive service for people looking to import goods via alibaba, but are not wanting to decipher alibaba’s website and the back and forth with foreign manufacturers.  We make the global sourcing and import process simple by narrowing your work down to one task…picking out your products on alibaba…and then coming to us to do the rest!

We not only offer clearance and importing, we do ALL the work on your behalf including ordering off of alibaba, negotiating with manufacturer, paying for goods, arranging shipping and importing to your door. We literally take care of your entire transaction for ONE inclusive fee.

Q-How do I start?

A-Go to AliBaba, find your product. Then fill out the form below. Its that simple!



We take all the haggle and hassle out of the process of using alibaba by ordering, purchasing and shipping your favorite alibaba products on your behalf. In one seamless transaction. No need to worry about back and forth with manufacturers or importing issues. We take care of all details on your behalf for one all inclusive fee.

Choose your products on alibaba >

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You receive goods at your location having barely lifted a finger.

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