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Why use Cleared and Delivered?

Because we do all the work for you

Cleared and Delivered was created with the novice importer in mind. We are experts in the import shipping process who make importing easier for everyone through our easy to use technology and great customer service. We make sure you have all the tools and resources to export your goods, and then take over when the freight has reached it’s destination. We let you focus on marketing and selling your items, and we take care of the rest.

We make imports easy

If you have a shipment ready to go with all the proper info and documentation, just hit “clear my freight” and you are well on your way to being “Cleared and Delivered”. If you don’t know if your shipment and documentation are ready for import, we will give you clear and kind guidance on what is needed to make your import happen.

Our customer service is superior

Our soul is our people. Cleared and Delivered is on call to answer any questions you have regarding importing. We are serious about our business, and your import. We give people all the information they need to get their goods Cleared and Delivered. From personal phone consultations to prompt responses to form submissions, we work to make your import experience easier.


We are a licensed customs broker and freight forwarder

Customs brokers are licensed to act as agents for commercial entities importing goods to the USA. Customs brokers provide release instructions to US Customs as well as other government departments to permit the flow of imported goods. Customs brokers classify the goods according to the current US Tariff to apply duties and taxes owing to US Customs. With the constantly changing rules and regulations, employing a customs broker, whether or not you are a business, makes good business sense. We can also deliver your freight, with our more than 30 years of experience in door to door shipments.

We make technology work for us

How easy was it to find us? We are readily accessible, via our quotes form, email, or telephone. Your import doesn’t sleep, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that we don’t either.

We provide you with all the tools you need

From our “Forms” section with important documents, to our novice center with links to import information, we have what you need to do what you want. We are busy compiling all the tools and resources shippers and importers need in an ever-evolving industry. If we don’t have something, call us and we will get it.