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Customs Brokerage USA

We are a fully licensed and accredited U.S. customs brokerage agent with the expertise and ability to clear shipments through U.S. Customs and Border Protection in all major international airport and seaports within the United States. We offer customs brokerage and clearance services for importers of all types of items from across the globe. We can clear your goods on a moments notice anywhere within the continental U.S. via remote location filing. Contact us today to take care of all your importing needs.

We’ve got all ports covered

No matter where your shipments land, Cleared and Delivered has you covered in all U.S. ports with our remote location filing services. No matter where your goods land we can handle every aspect of your shipment, and have them delivered on time to final destination. See how we can expedite your imports today!


Role of a Customs Broker

Cleared and Delivered is a licensed customs broker that can clear your imports through any port in the United States. We streamline the clearance and delivery process on behalf of companies large and small. A customs broker is a valuable partner in the workings of any import intensive business. The customs broker has the legal authority and knowledge to recognize very detailed classifications of your goods, and the respective tariffs associated with such.

The customs broker also recognizes and produces a variety of legally binding documents needed to import goods into the U.S. Customs brokers have a close relationship with the Dept. of Homeland Security/ U.S. Treasury / U.S. Customs Service. to obtain legal rights for your goods to enter into the United States. Customs clearance is required for ALL imports into the U.S. regardless if they are duty free or not. Customs brokers also file bonds for goods that temporarily leave and then re enter the United States. These are called carnets. Having a professional customs broker working on your behalf can make your importing business more efficient and more profitable.

  • Customs  Brokerage
  • Customs Clearance
  • Import Bonds
  • ISF Filing
  • Duty Payment
  • Customs Entry
  • Importer Compliance
  • Warehouse & Trucking

Customs Bonds

We issue all types of customs bonds for importers to the USA. Getting your freight cleared on a continuous basis is fast and easy. 

  • Continuous Bonds
  • Single Entry Bonds
  • ISF Bond
  • Drawback Refund
  • International Carrier Bonds

ISF Filing

ISF Filing is mandatory for ocean shipments to the USA. If you are shipping FCL or LCL, you will need to have this important filing transmitted to customs before the ship arrives

at a US port. We quickly and easily file ISF on your behalf.

Import Compliance

Cleared and Delivered advises our customers on compliance with all US rules and regulations regarding the importation of goods. We will guide you through the sometimes confusing process of HTC classification, customs duty and tariffs on your products, saving your company $$ and headaches along the way.

Last Mile Services

Our extensive network of USA trucking options allows us to deliver your goods from USA port to final USA destination at a fraction of the cost of multinational carriers. Our imports are all custom designed to stay within your budget and increase your bottom line.