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Last Mile Delivery for Importers

Cleared and Delivered completes the import shipping process for you by taking charge of the final delivery of your goods, transporting anywhere in the US via inland delivery services. Through our extensive domestic network, our importers can find reliable and professional inland shipping and trucking services to all 48 continental US states.We offer warehousing, trucking and order fulfillment logistics services as add on benefits to all of our customs clearances.

Cleared and Delivered offers a total logistics solution for US importers of all types of goods from anywhere on the globe. Clear it, Deliver it, and Sell it!

From the port to your door! 

Port to Door

The delivery of your freight from the destination sea port or airport is the most important leg of the journey!  Having a professional logistics partner who is committed to timely pickup and delivery is paramount to your importing business.

Cleared and Delivered understands the importance of timely and fast communications and response times to pickup orders. We take great pride in getting your freight from port to final destination, by truck, rail or other means, as soon as possible.

Stages of Delivery

  • Arrival at Port
  • Warehousing
  • Pickup at Port Warehouse
  • Delivery to Final Destination


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