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IRS Proof of Importers Numbers

Acceptable forms of IRS proof for FEIN /IRS #’s ( one of the following)

Form 147C

Form 1040

Form 2363

Form 941/941V

Form SS-4

Must be a copy of the actual letter received from the IRS in lieu of filing the SS# application. Not the application sent to the IRS.

Not the automatic online confirmation page.

Form 1065

Form 8109/8109C

Form 7004

Form 355-ES

Form 1096

Form 1120/1120S

Form 11234

IRS Proof

Acceptable forms of individual proof for social security numbers (one of the following) Passport Legible copy: front and back of your social security card Drivers License Top portion of the front page of your 1040 form. Financial info not needed. The following documents are NOT acceptable No ADP Filing statements NO state forms No W-9, W-2, W-3 etc forms No SS-4 application ( the copy you send to the IRS )