HMF-Harbor Maintenance Fee for Ocean Imports to USA

What Is The Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) The main purpose of the Harbor Maintenance Fee is to help cover the costs of maintaining the Ocean Ports of the United States. Funds taken from the HMF fee are used for the Harbor Maintenance Fund which is controlled and distributed by Congress. According to the US Customs and […]

DDU Incoterms with Alibaba

I’m Importing from Alibaba, what Incoterms should I use?   When ordering on alibaba, manufacturers and suppliers often offer DDU shipping as the default option. This puts the manufacturer in charge of your entire transaction where you, the buyer, ends up overpaying greatly for shipping services. You also risk doing so without having any control […]

Importing alcohol to USA

Importing Alcohol to USA    Federal Basic Permit Persons seeking to engage in the business of importing distilled spirits, wine, or malt beverages as defined in the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA Act) into the United States must apply for a Federal Basic Importer’s Permit (“Importer’s Permit”). To obtain an Importer’s Permit, the importer must file an […]

Importing From China: Shipping Lead Times

Shipping and other lead times The port to port lead time depends on the distance between the two ports. Here is an example of how those distances may impact the lead time: Hong Kong – LA, USA: 20 days Hong Kong – New York City, USA: 32 days Hong Kong – Felixstowe, UK: 29 days […]

Importing From China: Freight Insurance

Freight Insurance Insurance is included, by default, when you select CIF, standing for Cost Freight (and) Insurance. If you order shipping according to DAT (Delivered at Terminal) or DAP (Delivered at Place), you must inform your shipping company that the cargo must be insured. Shipping insurance is cheap, and rarely costs more than US$50 to […]

FCL and LCL Shipping

FCL and LCL Shipping FCL-“Full Container Load” is also the most cost effective freight method available, if counted by cost per volumetric unit and weight unit.  It means that your container is yours- you aren’t sharing the container with any other parties, and you are welcome to use it as you wish.  LCL, or Less […]

Importing From China: Shipping to an Amazon FBA Center from China

Shipping to an Amazon FBA Center from China Many importers ship their products directly from the factory in China, to an Amazon FBA warehouse. From there, Amazon manages the storage and distribution of these products. Amazon operates according to strict regulations. As a seller, you must comply with their rules. This is what you must […]

Importing From China Part IV

Part 4: Calculate Your Landed Cost Once your harmonized tariff code is established, that information along with your goods certificate of origin can be used to calculate the land cost. The total cost of your import will comprise these 3 items: -The price of the product from the supplier -The shipping charges of your freight […]

Importing From China Part III

Part 3: Ensure your product is physically legal for import Certain items are prohibited for import into the USA. Make sure your intended goods do not violate any statutes regarding materials and hazardous products, and agree with American regulatory bodies, such as the FDA, FCC, FAA, and others. It is the importers responsibility to establish […]

Importing From China Part II

Part 2: Select What You Want To Import As a trade company, your income will be generated by selling the goods that you import. Careful selection of your goods will result in an efficient business, and avoid undue loss of time or capital. We want to see you succeed, and your success is largely dependent […]